6th Workshop on Reconfigurable Computing for Machine Learning – RCML’2022

Venue: 2.015, Ashby Building, QUB.

Organizers: Christos-Savvas Bouganis (Imperial College London), Theocharis Theocharides (University of Cyprus), Christos Kyrkou (University of Cyprus), Nele Mentens (Leiden University and KU Leuven), Marco Domenico Santambrogio (Politecnico di Milano)

Abstract: Deep Learning (DL) has gathered significant visibility recently as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) paradigm, with success in a wide range of applications such as image and speech recognition, autonomous systems, self-driving cars, cyber-physical systems, and many more. The objective therefore of RCML is to promote discussion and stimulate research and ideas towards the potential role of reconfigurable hardware in this important and fast-evolving domain. The spirit of the workshop is to complement FPL and provide a forum for interesting discussions on a specific topic rather running another specific tailored conference at the same time with FPL. More details can be found at https://rcml.necst.it/.