Tutorial: Introduction to oneAPI with Intel® FPGAs

Venue: 1.002, Ashby Building, QUB.

Organizers: Marlon Price (Intel)

Abstract: DPC++ is a programming language based on SYCL that can be used to target algorithms to an FPGA or other devices in a heterogeneous compute environment with an x86 host. This tutorial will teach you how to use the oneAPI software model to create Data Parallel C++ programs to target supported FPGA acceleration cards. You will learn how your source code is interpreted by the compiler to build a custom hardware datapath. You will learn the 3-step flow for development: (1) emulation, (2) using the static optimization report to fine tune your implementation, and (3) compiling a bitstream for the FPGA. You will be able to practice the various steps in development using JupyterLab on the Intel DevCloud for oneAPI.